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Feng Shui is concerns us an old and smart extension, like our environment. The type how we feel, and the type is act concerned, how we, in a large sum, around which environment, that surrounds us. Therefore, through the learning to organize like appropriate, what surrounds us, we can improve our life, and that is it what Feng Shui over is.

Through the organizing of our environment accidentally, we receive influences ourselves no inspection about, how it us and give it the chance, to a hindrance, without also the realization of IT. Feng Shui teaches that the rooms, where we reflectively removed live or work should, around the best advantages of them and it become us an aid for us sooner than a hindrance.

Feng Shui shows us how our rooms can be formed and newly arranges, around us the correct balance and harmony. Simple things such as the position, in that we our desks, feel can decisively on the harmony we us in this room, and effects on factors such as the concentration May have we at work in this room.

To the most important Feng-Shui-drafts, that is an of Bagua. Bagua is a concept to the label of the card of Feng Shui, the tool that we can use in order to value, each live or work room. This card is organizes itself the form an octagon, that in nine different areas. Every area correspond enable us to nine most important areas of life and it, are the position of each an of the areas, in the room we the estimation..

Feng Shui we administered should have five most important elements, that always in the sense if the harmonization of our environment: Water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Every of these five elements shift on another type and take is the energy of the environment dependent.

The concept designates changes the Chi energies, that permanently and move and hangs therefrom off, the five elements. Feng Shui studies the way chi moves and functions as an invisible power, that determination of the type of the energy, that objects and all, what contain surrounds us.

How we can see, Feng Shui can to explore us a very rich and smart new world. With the acquisition of the knowledge is to be offered, can understand we and is improvement of our environment or room, independent of its type. We can this way, Feng Shui to the improvement of our way of life and our energy through the maximization of the environment, in which we are.

For Feng Shui and 4 columns the fate or paht Chee Charts purpose, the year 2019 day that 2019, dh 1st of January 2019 starts not over new year or the Chinese new year of 2019: The Chinese new year of 2019 is on the 26th Jänner 2019 and that falls the 1st day the moon calendar.

For the purposes of Feng Shui or Paht Chee reading, in 2019 or of the year the Ox begins on the 4th of February 2019 on 00.51 hours (120E). This day is named the start of the spring Li Chun of the solar system (Hsia) calendar. For paht Chee or 4 columns fate reading purposes, on the 4th of February 2019 on 00.51 hours (120E) the animal sign of the variations, that of an "advice" of the "ox".

Out of my personal experience, most Chinese does not know, whom year of the Ox on the 4th of February 2019 will begin: they would become yourself its years of birth animal sign wrong in that you the Lunar Calendar.

Feng Shui 2019 updates. Annually, all of us have deliberately be themselves about that, means that the situation of the three sorrows in Feng Shui the position of the Tai Sui, 5 yellow and 3 murders. These 3 locations are occupied through killing or injurious Qi (energy). Each interference in these sectors will bring plagued pitch, illness and loss for the inhabitants of the building. Through the interference we vibrations of the wall or the ground that dig through renovation how, knock or boring.
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