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The Tarot interpretation, like each other technology, becomes more interesting with the practice. Such as the study of a new language, endurance is are of essential importance, and the Tarot symbols nothing other as the language of our unconscious spirits.

The Tarot is permitted us an instrument, that the access to the stored knowledge in our subconscious. It is the words of our intuition, misgiving or dream.

How often we heard, the persons say: Did "I know it, I the feeling" had? How often have you became well known, demand that before you again the telephone? That of us have strong déjà vu experiences, intuitive knowledge, and to divide / or simultaneous remark in thought with other. Where does this carry out? One day a friend did not tell me, "I can me explain, why, but before the reply of by telephone inquiries, that I already know, who anruft." Another said: "Through my dreams I knows that my future. Before the falling asleep, I ask my unconscious what is happened, with this or that situation. I my answer on the days after and remarkably, I that live predicted exactly, what my dream hat."

All of us have intuition, feeling or precognitive dream, proceeded. There are no chances, strange events or accidents. Our future lies in our deepest itself. That synchronized access to this yet covered the future (the knowledge in our subconscious) is shown to see like unexpectedly and like fleetingly, like a Shooting star. It would seem to be neither imagination nor the power of the reason. Rather it is simple the future, instead of into the aware spirits, here and now. If also "unknown" at us, that in advance seems to its to the future, planned, and structures. The Tarot can show us, what through its pictures brings the future, and enables it us, make adaptations. The Tarot is is a system of symbolic information, through that the subconscious permitted the access.

Our future lies in our deepest itself. If we the Tarot, it tell us over our feelings and worries and gives us answers on these zones as well as with our ambitions.

The Tarot is a type, friendlily, counselor and can wish us for us even or other always and so often like we. To be sure it is important, to concentrate or to load you your seeking to do this.

During the beginning, special attention on the obtained results. Therewith you enable the double inspection of its Materialisierung.

Often these events happen very quickly, or it can a couple month time, around appear. In the Tarot, there is is extremely difficult, a time frame. For an active person, organizations unfold more quickly than for another with a settled way of life. The experience proved me that the time in the Tarot does not exist.

On the first, you select a row of Tarot cards that pleases you. There is a large variety on the market. I personally use Oswald Wirth's it Tarot. They are identical with the Marseille Tarot, unless, for its colors.

The Tarot consists are are of seventy to eight cards, of which twenty to two the most important arcana and fifty to six trump or the minor arcana.

The most important arcana a person or a symbolic scene. These are follows as:

The Magician I

The Hanged Man XII

The High Priestess II

The Death XIII

The Empress III

The Temperance XIIII

The Emperor IIII

The Devil XV

The Pope V

The Broken House XVI

The Lovers VI

The Star XVII

The Chariot VII 

The Moon XVIII

The Justice VIII


The Hermit VIIII

The Judgment XX

The Wheel of Fortune X

X The World XXI

The Strength XI 

The Fool (has no number)

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