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Vastu is in the large and entire, defined as a "place, where persons live" and the Shastra or the science the contact with the dwelling places names one "Vastu Shastra". Vastu, the old science of the architecture is integrated and its apprenticeships connect us, that universe. Modern architects and engineers construct houses and building with the most important purpose of the provision of protection from the elements of wind, rain, fire and sun, but the science and art of the Vastu guaranteed through the time principles not only protection from elementary powers of nature tested, but rather also a life of peaceful and wealthy.

Vastu is like today if no longer, like it before thousands of years. It provides, not only financial prospering, but rather also peace, prosperity and good health. Vastu principles are based on the harmonization of the external room with the internal memory location within a man.

Vastu is itself an integrated science, that in full agreement with the total cosmos and the energy river out of all sources. The old manners of India out of a deep study of the different aspects of nature and discovers a clear connection between the sequence perfect, in the person and its environment. It assessed moreover that order of nature could, if that in the human life, the durable and inestimable advantages. The temples of India are rich at architecture. They are the miracles of the Vastu Shastra and give comfort for million of believing, the multitude these temples. The case of the old fort, that is similar have survived to the moods of the story and nature.

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